Global Forest Summit, 24 March 2022

This news item relates to the EFI-led initiative which ran from 2020 to September 2023

The Global Forest Summit on 24 March, organised by Reforest’Action and the Open Diplomacy Institute, highlighted the work of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance.

The GFS closing session reflected on how the development of a circular bioeconomy is an opportunity to rethink holistically our landcapes and cities as well as our food and industrial systems to create a nature-positive and climate-neutral world.  

Marc Palahí, CBA Chair emphasised that “a circular bioeconomy is about investing in nature as the true engine of our economy, and is about managing sustainably our biological systems to produce in synergistic way food, energy, biobased solutions to decarbonize our economy, while creating new jobs.”

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales emphasised in his closing speech that while the Glasgow Declaration offers us a helpful framework, achieving results requires transformative action on the ground. “This is why in 2020 I established the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance to create community led regenerative landscapes that work for nature, people and the planet. Working in harmony and in partnership with local and indigenous communities I am delighted to say that we are already piloting regeneration initiatives in 10 countries”, he said.

Watch the recording of the GFS

Watch the speech by HRH The Prince of Wales