Marc Palahí, Chair of CBA

Marc Palahí

Chair of CBA

Marc Palahí is a leading expert on forests and global change, with a new vision of the transformational role forests can play in fighting climate change and developing a circular bioeconomy.

He has been Director of the European Forest Institute since 2015, driving its development as a pan-European science-policy platform, and working to connect knowledge to action at the interface of science, policy and business. Marc has a PhD in forestry and economics and his work, which has featured in Nature and other high-level scientific journals, focuses on the development of a sustainable circular bioeconomy that prospers in harmony with nature.

Yitagesu Tekle Tegegne

Yitagesu Tekle Tegegne

CBA Coordinator

Yitagesu is a Senior Researcher and team leader in the Governance Programme at the European Forest Institute. He has been working on advancing knowledge of forest governance, restoration, drivers of land use changes and policy analysis in Africa, Asia, and Latin America for the past 14 years. His most recent work focuses on science-policy-mediainterface, public private partnership in forest sector, climate change mitigation and forest sector reform. He has been involved in various projects as lead investigator, project co-coordinator and project manager. He has PhD degree in global forest governance and policy from University of Helsinki

Stephane Hallaire

Stéphane Hallaire

CBA Living Labs Coordinator

Stéphane created Reforest’Action to enable companies and citizens to take concrete action for forest and climate. Founder of the crowdplanting concept, Stéphane brings the voice of the forest to public and private international leaders. As the co-founder and co-chair of the Global Forest Summit, he aims to strengthen the global multistakeholder dialogue for forest protection and restoration. Alongside to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, Stéphane Hallaire wants to create a Generation of Reforestation Entrepreneurs to empower citizens around the world to create revenues by restoring their Environment and developing a biocircular economy.

Lauri Hetemaki

Lauri Hetemäki

Senior Researcher

Lauri is a Senior Researcher at the European Forest Institute and Professor of Practice at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki. He was previously Assistant Director at EFI, responsible for managing the institute’s science-policy work. He has a PhD in economics and is the author of 200 scientific and popular publications, as well as a Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. Previously Lauri worked as a part-time Professor in Forest Sector Foresight at the University of Eastern Finland; Head of Programme at EFI, and as a Senior Researcher at the Finnish Forest Research Institute.

Rach Colling

Rach Colling

CBA Communications

Rach Colling is Head of Communications at the European Forest Institute. Rach joined EFI in 2011 and has been responsible for the development of EFI’s policy support communications, as well as managing and developing digital communications tools. She has over 20 years’ experience in science communication, and prior to joining EFI ran a successful communications business working with UK government agencies and universities. Before that, Rach worked for BBC News Online as a journalist, as well as in communications/marketing for various UK universities. She has a masters’ degree in international relations from Cambridge University and trained as a journalist in the UK.