African NGO alliance initiated

On 20 October in Kigali, Rwanda, the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance and the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS Network) initiated the African NGOs Alliance for Environmental Sustainability (ANAES).

Africa faces numerous environmental challenges, including ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss, wildlife poaching, poverty and pollution, all accelerated by climate change. These challenges are complex and require collective efforts to address effectively. ANAES aims to bring leading conservation NGOs in Africa together to achieve meaningful and lasting environmental change, safeguarding Africa’s natural heritage and promoting sustainable development.

By sharing information and expertise, they can collectively address emerging threats and develop innovative solutions towards a sustainable future. Different NGOs often possess unique areas of expertise and focus. By collaborating, they can leverage each other’s strengths and complement their skills to create comprehensive and integrated conservation programs that address multiple facets of environmental protection and sustainable development, instead of working in isolation.

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Photo: ARCOS Network