CBA Principles for Regenerative Landscapes

The CBA Principles for Regenerative Landscapes find their origin in strong sustainability, social-ecological resilience and harnessing local context as the conceptual basis for landscape regeneration.

The Principles have been informed by the state of knowledge on transition to a more sustainable and resilient social-ecological system. There are 7 principles: 3 sustainability principles, 3 resilience principles and 1 local context principle.

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Publication date: 20 May 2024

Pages: 12


Recommended citation: Muys B., Campos Arce J.J., Bukachi S.R.A., Dewi S., Palahí M., Seddon N., Tegegne Y.T., Vogtmann H., Guyot M. 2024.  Circular Bioeconomy Alliance Principles for Regenerative Landscapes. Circular Bioeconomy Alliance, London.

Photo: P.Augenstein/SEE-Intl