CBA launches first of a kind Principles for Regenerative Landscapes

This news item relates to the EFI-led initiative which ran from 2020 to September 2023

CBA has published its science-based framework for sustainable and resilient landscape regeneration, developed in partnership with AstraZeneca, the European Forest Institute (EFI), and the CBA Scientific Advisory Board.

The ‘CBA Principles for Regenerative Landscapes’ take a unique, multidimensional approach to harmonize bioeconomy value chains with nature. The Principles have been, informed by the latest scientific evidence and operational knowledge on how we can transform degraded areas into regenerative landscapes.

Prof. Bart Muys, chair of the CBA Scientific Advisory Board said: “The Principles are pioneering as they integrate elements of resilience and adaptive capacity for people and ecosystems into the framework of strong sustainability. It makes them a powerful tool to pave the way to a harmonious joint future for nature and people”.

Juliette White, Vice President Global SHE & Operations Sustainability, AstraZeneca said: “Through AZ Forest, we have committed to plant and maintain 200 million trees by 2030, restoring 100,000 hectares across six continents. Our focus is on reforestation that supports nature, human health and local communities, with a science-driven approach. We are proud to be collaborating with recognised experts like the CBA on our projects, and we hope that the framework we have co-developed will support sustainable and resilient landscape regeneration for decades to come.”

There are 7 principles, which focus on sustainability, resilience and local context:

Sustainability is assessed via three principles focusing on the impacts on nature and the environment; social wellbeing and economic prosperity of the landscapes and value chains created.

Resilience is assessed via three principles: diversity, connectivity and adaptive capacity.

Local context is assessed using one principle, harmony.

The Principles will be used to inspire, select, implement and assess the CBA’s Living Labs for Nature, People and Planet, as well as other CBA-related efforts, projects and funds which aim to scale up landscape regeneration globally.

These Principles will form the basis for the CBA standard of criteria and indicators, to be launched in beta form this autumn.

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Note: The Principles are a living document, which will be revised and updated following their implementation on the ground.

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